Videowall series - 24/7 Operation  Landscape/Portrait

The X-Line Videowall displays are available in two sizes, 49” with a 3.5mm bezel to bezel (B-B) width and 55” available with either 1.8mm or 3.5mm B-B, helping you take your message to new levels. The ultra-narrow bezels are designed to minimize any distractions.  

The display will accept a 4K input allowing you to create a stunning display across the entire array of your video wall. You can go up to a 3x4 display right out of the box, with no additional devices needed or with a few accessories you can make your displays as large as your imagination—up to a 10x15 display.  

Introducing in June 2020 our new Presentation Series - optimized for corporate applications with improved uniformity for slides and spreadsheets!

New!  Presentation Series
49", 55"
49", 55"